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Ik Soon's Super Basics #6: Fuses. THE AMAZING RM1 some cases.

A few days back, I was driving my car home at night. Mid drive, I noticed a light pop up on my dash which indicates that there a non-functioning bulb on my car. I got home, checked my lights and found that the 3 of the bulbs on the right is no longer working. "Wow, perfect timing.", I thought to myself.

I went to my favourite auto parts store, got the bulbs I needed and replaced them. But wait, the lights is still not coming on and the old bulbs doesn't seem burnt. Now, what could be the problem?

Check the fuse before anything else.

It is always good to check the fuse. In my case, the fuse was blown and instead of replacing the bulbs which would cost me more than RM50.00, I simply replaced the blown fuse which costs RM1.00. Everything worked perfectly after that.

car fuse automotive fuse
A comparison between a melted fuse, a blown fuse, and a new fuse.

What is a fuse?

A fuse is designed to protect electrical components against overcurrent or short-circuits. When there's a dangerous level of current passing through, it will blow the fuse and stop the current from reaching the electrical component causing further damage.

Where do I find the fuse?

The fuse is normally located in the fuse box. The fuse box is normally located in the engine bay and/or somewhere inside the dashboard. Just make sure to check your owner's manual and they will provide a clear guide for the location and suitable amperage rating for the fuses.

Type of fuses normally found in everyday cars.

What if I installed the wrong fuse?

There are a few outcome to this. Let's say if the component calls for a 40A fuse and you installed a 10A fuse, the fuse is most likely to blow every time you switch it on. On the hand, if the component calls for a 10A fuse and you installed a 40A fuse, you are putting your car at risk of a fire in case of short circuits if not other electrical damages along the way. So, make sure the fuse is suitable, ok?

We at Ik Soon hope that this information could help you out when you are in a pinch. If the problem goes beyond a simple blown fuse or if you are unsure, we always recommend finding an expert for proper troubleshooting and repairs.

So, how did I find the faulty fuse?

I referred to the most underrated book in every car owner's life which is the onwer's manual, inside the manual, there are diagrams showing you which component each of the fuse is responsible for.

I simply located the fuse responsible for the right headlamp and simply checked it. Upon pulling the 30A fuse out, I discovered that the fuse has melted and I simply replaced the fuse for a new one and everything was working perfectly again.

warning light indicator
First step is to always identify the faulty part

fuse box car
For most cars, the fuse box could always be found in the engine bay

fuse location
The owner's manual is your best friend

Identifying the possible problematic fuse

car owner's manual
Always make sure you get the right fuse with correct amp rating

Replace with new fuse. All is well

Melted Fuse

Melted fuse

A melted fuse could mean that the fuse is not having poor contact with the fuse holder or there is significant resistance and a current lower than the fuse rating could simply cause enough heat to melt the fuse.

A melted fuse is an indication that you should have your car checked out by an expert. Best case scenario, you can fix it with a better quality fuse. Worst case, you car might catch fire.

I will be sending my car in for a proper check.

TL:DR If you know what to look for, a fuse might be the cheapest and most effective fix to your car problems.

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